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Résidence Taos

If you were wondering about the provenance of the sandy walls, the mica shine and the ornamental stones that abound in Le Taos, you will not be surprised that the interior design team took their inspiration from the village of Taos in the American Rocky mountains - an area that was originally settled by native Americans.

Quite why they did that, we are not sure. Not that it is in anyway distasteful...quite on the contrary to be honest...but it just seems a strange source of inspiration.

Anyway, design concepts aside, Le Taos is a lovely place to put one's feet up for a week or so. It's located on the slopes for easy access to the pistes, it has a swimming pool, a Spa, and a bar. Apartments with between 1 and 3 bedrooms.


Best bits

Ski-in / Ski-out
Swimming Pool
Car Park

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