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Val Thorens

Because of Val Thorens' position at the top of European skiing (by altitude rather than official rating), you can be sure of being able to ski from late November until early May. It has great access to the two well-known Valleys that make up the Trois but also to the fourth Valley and the lesser-known resort of Orelle. But that’s if you need to change Valley! There is 140km of piste above VT and another 160km below all the way down to Saint Martin de Belleville.

The Ski Company has a range of properties located close to the slopes and within a short walk of the centre of Val Thorens


Skier's Guide

There are many words/ articles/ guidebooks/ reviews and postcards that have been written to describe the skiing in the Three Valleys by people a lot more intelligent and eloquent than me and so it is very unlikely that I will bring you information that you haven’t already read. All you really need to know is that it is the world’s largest ski area with over 600km of pistes serviced by almost 200 lifts and so, whatever your level, you are extremely unlikely to be disappointed in the skiing!

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Getting to

Val Thorens

Flying is the best way to cover off the largest part of your journey to VT. There are a few options when it comes to your destination airport; which are considered below:

  • Chambery: 121km, 1h 38m
  • Grenoble: 194km, 2h 21m
  • Lyon: 199km, 2h 21m
  • Geneva (recommended): 200km, 2h 29m

Geneva is the recommended option because there is a greater volume and a great flexibility of ground transportation options onto VT from Geneva Airport.

Taking the train is another option, the Eurostar glides through France directly from London St Pancras to Moutiers in a little over seven-and-a-half hours and, from there, it’s 35km on to VT.

Drivers will find the roads through France faster and emptier than those in the UK and this is largely down to them being toll roads…so there is a price to pay! With passage through the Eurotunnel + petrol + tolls, you should expect the journey to cost around £175 each way. Total journey time from London is about eleven-and-a-half hours…90 minutes to Dover, 30 minutes in the tunnel and nine-and-a-half hours from Calais to VT.

Please remember to book parking – VT is traffic-free (expect for loading/ un-loading).

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Food and Drink at

Val Thorens

If you are driving, it is recommended that you stop at the supermarket in Moutiers or Albertville as they are significantly larger and cheaper than those in resort. But if you’re late or too excited to stop, VT is primed for the amateur chef and there are eight supermarkets, one butcher and approximately one artisanal bakery for every resident in the village. We can also organise for bread & pastries to be delivered to your apartment each morning too!

But if Mum and Dad have had a good day on the slope and one too many apres-ski vins chauds on the terrace, you may find yourself venturing further afield and going out for dinner. The restaurants in VT could not honestly be described as cheap but “cheap for a ski resort” would be fair!

I’ll be honest and admit that I haven’t eaten in every restaurant in VT so can’t critique every eaterie in town. For a reason that has long since been forgotten, I ate in John’s Scandinavian restaurant and I vaguely remembering enjoying that and I have also eaten a particularly good fondue in Les Clarines but, forgive my naivety, I can’t see how it’s hard to go wrong with a pot of melted cheese. My kid also had some chips from Café Péclet that he said were “epic”. But neither Campbell (4 yrs old) nor I are experts so our advice is to head onto Rue de Gebroulaz and see what happens, after all you are on holiday and you should do whatever takes your fancy!

With more than forty bars and three nightclubs, VT is a pretty lively spot. The headline-grabber is La Folie Douce – aka “the dancefloor on top of the world” – which is located on the Plein Sud piste. If you can’t find it, just listen for a pumping bassline, laughter & screams and the thud of ski boots dancing on wooden tables.

Close to the top of the village off the slopes, Bar 360 and Red Fox offer good times with happy hours, karaoke and lots of dancing. In town, Rue de Gebroulaz is the place to head for venues such as Café Snesko and Frog and Roast Beef and then it’s on to the clubs; Klub Summit, Malaysia or Baramix.

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Non-Ski Activities at

Val Thorens

Most of you will finish the day’s skiing pretty pooped and some of the best evenings are spent watching the fire crackle whilst popping tasty solids and more-ish liquids into your mouth.

Not everyone is so lucky, of course and there are many families who know that 15 minutes is all the downtime required by some children before they crave the next thing. Having the spa within your residence therefore is a blessing. Without having the leave the building or put your hand into your pocket, you can go for a swim or a loll in the Jacuzzi or sweat it out in the sauna or hammam.

Further afield there are plenty of distractions in VT for the non-skier. Down-hill mountain biking on-snow is something you have probably never tried…and may never try again! Another way to get down the mountain quickly is by toboggan. At 6km long, Val Thorens boasts France’s longest toboggan run – great fun for adults & kids (over 5 yrs that is).

Fitness fanatics may favour a spot of Nordic skiing or snow-shoeing whereas our more relaxed guests enjoy taking a movie in at the cinema or throwing a stone ball into ten pins at the end of an alley.

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Val Thorens Statistics

The Slopes

Total Runs


Longest Run


Skier Summit


Number of Parks


Skiable Terrain (Acres)


Average Annual Snowfall


Vertical Drop


Terrain Breakdown








Min Average
Winter Temp

-2C (28.4F)

Max Average
Winter Temp

4C (39.2F)

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