Skiing and Wellbeing – Let's get physical … social and emotional!

Posted on April 18, 2023

So yes … the mountain air is cleansing and the scenery during a ski holiday in The Three Valleys is without doubt good for the soul. We established, explored and confirmed this in our last skiing and wellbeing post.

But let’s take a closer look at how a skiing holiday can help our physical, social and emotional wellbeing.


The physical benefits?

It’s no secret that skiing is great physical exercise. It exercises the whole body in the great outdoors. So you are getting your vitamin D as well as burning calories. It’s not just the blood pumping exercise that gets the endorphins going – add in the exhilaration and you’ve got a double whammy of endorphins flying around your body to make you FEEL GOOD!

The high risk adrenalin factor may play into this too. Or not. If you are a beginner or more cautious skier. But you can tailor your skiing (or boarding) to your desires and abilities and get what you need and enjoy from it. Calculate and mitigate your own risk factor. It’s your holiday.

A soothing hot tub at the end of the day, with a tipple of what you like, gazing at the mountainscape you’ve been traversing during the day; followed by a well-earned and delicious evening meal is all part of that overall physical body treat too.

For some more expert and specific information on the physical benefits of skiing, journalist read Sam Murphy’s headlines based on her interview with Sally Chapman, one of the UK’s leading female skiers and a highly qualified ski instructor:

Aids balance and kinaesthetic awareness Staying upright on unstable and changing terrain build terrific balance skills and a greater awareness of body position

Increases aerobic and anaerobic power According to the Institute of Sports Medicine and Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Innsbruck, skiing demands high levels of both aerobic and anaerobic power to facilitate repeated brief bouts of intense effort between lower-intensity periods

Improves core stability Keeping the upper body ‘quiet ‘ while moving the legs demands good core stability and postural control, German research shows

Strengthens legs Skiing builds strong thigh, bottom and hip muscles. The steeper the slope, the higher the muscle activity – particularly in the thighs – says research from Brussels

Lengthens endurance Skiers are often out on the slopes for 4-6 hours a day, building aeriobic and muscular endurance. Research shows that elite skiers have a high proportion of slow-twitch, fatigue-resistant muscle fibres in their legs’

From Guardian Article 2007 – research may have moved on but I’m reckoning the above will still be relevant 16 years down the line ...

We know social is key to our wellbeing now don’t we? Post the dreaded P word ...

A skiing holiday encourages social connection big time. Often done en famille, or in groups of friends and in a holiday context with down time and good food and chats, it is all about positive social experience. Even if you don’t come with a readymade group it is the kind of sport which encourages people to make new friends, and engage in a team spirit.

There is an innate sense of cameraderie, support, ‘can do’, respect and warmth on the slopes – yes because of the general good vibes flying around, but also out of necessity. We need to help each other out there on the slopes!

It is now also well documented socialising and bonding while learning together, along with lots of space for quality time as a family / couple / groups of friends, is one sure way to help boost this aspect of our lives individually. Skiing somehow also gives us space for our own headspace too.

Learning or improving your skiing or snowboarding may be challenging but can do wonders for your confidence. Which in turn, also feeds into our sense of wellbeing. It is a virtuous circle activity!

A snow holiday can be therapy on many levels

This beautiful piece expresses the healing power of skiing for Caroline Tuohey who expresses the way her grief was helped by skiing. She was not a good skier, but she became one. Much to her own surprise. Read what she says for yourself: Life lessons learned – when snow life is amazing and snow life is awful

So come on! Prioritise your health and wellbeing and get yourself booked into a self-catered ski holiday in one of our well-being ready apartments across the best resorts in the beeeeeautiful Three Valleys.


Give yourself something to look forward to. Self-catering is a great bonding activity too … Well it can be if prepped well in advance and with the right attitude! It really can. Cooking for one another can be lovely. Taking it in turns to make sure everyone in the group gets a break. And of course … there are always restaurants!

Talking of which … nutrition in the Alps is next up in our current health and wellbeing series … Watch this space ...

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